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The Fourth International Conference on Efficient Building Design

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The Fourth International Conference on Efficient Building Design

Materials and HVAC Equipment Technologies

Virtual Conference held November 5-6, 2020


The conference, organized by ASHRAE, the ASHRAE Lebanese Chapter, the Munib and Angela Masri Institute of Energy and Natural Resources, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the American University of Beirut, will take place virtually November 5-6, 2020.

The objective of the conference is to present advanced research on the topics of advanced building and bioclimatic designs for attaining occupant comfort and good environmental quality addressing systems and technologies adapted to the Arab region at moderate and hot humid climates.

The focus of the 4th ASHRAE Beirut Conference is on novel building technologies that enhance environmental quality in buildings and the impact of energy reforms on both the demand and the environmental quality with the goal of saving costs while providing the needed thermal and air quality environment for better performance and improved health. Concepts for improved efficiency and interventions that are adaptive to climate are sought including building fabric technologies, natural, mixed and mechanical ventilation practices/systems, and the manipulation of ventilation rates through operable windows to maintain thermally comfortable environment while relying on renewable energy as applicable. Other related concepts are also sought for smart building systems design and for integrating technologies that are passive, personalized/modular and energy efficient and tackling the human behavior in adopting these technologies and understanding their impact in reducing energy consumption and reducing carbon footprint of buildings. 

Parallel to the conference, a number of courses will be facilitated and offered on site​ by the ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) for credit on September 30, 2020 (the day preceding the conference opening on October 1, 2020) for participants to register and perform training and certification exams.) 

  • Conference Papers

    The conference topics include but are not limited to the following:

    • Sustainable building designs
    • Energy efficiency standards
    • Building materials
    • Indoor air quality systems
    • HVAC technologies
    • Solar heating and cooling for built environment
    • Low and near zero energy buildings

    The deadline to submit full papers was February 15, 2020. 40 papers were received and are currently undergoing a single blind review process. The papers include titles such as:

    • Vapor-compression-chiller in District Cooling: Modelling Review
    • Green Energy Audit approach for Public Building in Sever Climate Weather
    • Optimized Methodology Towards Near Zero Thermal Energy Residential Building in Lebanon
    • Moisture Problems in Subsequently Insulated Heritage Buildings
    • Shifting To Hybrid Solar Air-Conditioning Systems In Buildings Mechanical Design
    • Indoor Climate Measurements And Derivation Datasets For Building Simulations
    • Solar Regeneration Loop of a Desiccant Liquid Simulation
    • A Framework Towards Net zero Energy and Water for Commercial Buildings
    • HVAC Design In Extreme Defensive Conditions Such As Temporary Refuges & Shelters
    • Smart Insulation System for Energy Efficient Façade in Warm Countries

    To submit a paper:

    Paper Template

    Agreement to Publish

  • Global Training Center Courses
  • Featured Panels

    Panel 1: Reform in Energy and HVAC Education and Training for the MENA Region

    Panel 2: Advancements in Adsorption Technologies and Passive Cooling Innovations for Providing Good Air Quality in University Buildings

    Panel 3: Energy Efficiency and Building HVAC Systems

  • Registration

    Registration is not yet open. Once open, a link will be available here. For more information, please contact meetings@ashrae.org

  • Executive Organizing Committee

    Ghaddar, Nesreen, (Conference Chair, AUB)
    Bitar, Ahmed (President, Lebanese ASHRAE Chapter)
    Chakroun, Walid, (Kuwait University)
    Ghali, Kamel (AUB)
    Giometti, Tony (ASHRAE)
    Moukalled, Fadl (AUB)
    Traboulsi, Samir (AUB, MSFEA Alumni Chapter)
    Elassaad, Bassam (ASHRAE)

  • Staff

    Sandrine Assaad (AUB)

    Haley Booker-Lauridson (ASHRAE)

    Nathalie Daou (AUB)

    Ragan McHan (ASHRAE)

    Chris Preyor (ASHRAE)