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Understanding and Designing Chilled-Beam Systems (code 70)

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Understanding and Designing Chilled-Beam Systems (code 70)

  • 14 Jan 2019
  • Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA
    8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


Course Description

Half-Day Short Course - 3 Hour

Registration fees: $184 ($139 ASHRAE Member)
Monday, 8:30 a.m. –  11:30 a.m., Georgia World Congress Center

This course is primarily designed for mechanical engineers with at least three years of experience in the design of commercial HVAC systems. Chilled-beam systems save on cooling and transport energy by decoupling most or all of the space sensible loads from the air-distribution system and removing them with water, a much more efficient heat transfer medium. Attendees will review HVAC fundamentals as they relate to chilled-beam system design. They will also understand the system benefit, be able to identify suitable applications, and learn how to design chilled-beam systems to optimize the energy and operational benefits. Properly identifying and controlling equipment and components that optimize design are also major components of this course. Efficient design of a chilled-beam system requires some departure from practices and conventions used to design all-air VAV systems. As most North American HVAC designers have almost exclusively used VAV systems, they are often not aware of the energy benefits that can be derived by departure from some of these VAV-system rule-of-thumb design procedures. This course seeks to identify those areas where slight design modifications can greatly enhance the performance of the system.

Recommended Reference::

  • Active and Passive Beam Application Design Guide
  • Standard 200-2015, Methods of Testing Chilled Beam


Ken Loudermilk, P.E., Member ASHRAE

Transfer, Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Course registration fees will be refunded in full if cancellation is received by ASHRAE Customer Service at 800-527-4723 or before 12:00 noon on January 4, 2019. Cancellations received after that date are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. Registrants who do not attend a course or contact ASHRAE prior to close of business on January 11, 2019 are liable for the entire course registration fee. Registration fees can be transferred by contacting ASHRAE Customer Service at 800-527-4723 or before 12:00 noon on January 11, 2019.