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Recertification Requirements

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Each Certificant is required to renew his/her certification every three years. The purpose of renewal is to ensure that Certificants maintain a level of continuing competence through acceptable professional development activities. To be eligible for renewal, Certificants must submit a completed application, which attests to having earned 45 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) in subject matter related to the certification earned. Please note that the below ASHRAE definitions of acceptable PDHs are applicable across all countries in which Certificants live. In other words, acceptable PDHs may be earned by the Certificant in his/her respective country and language.

The renewal deadline is December 31 of the third year of certification. For example, a Certificant who earns a certification anytime in 2017 will have a renewal deadline of December 31, 2020.

The certification of individuals who fail to submit renewal fees and a completed application by the December 31 deadline will expire. Individuals with expired certifications will be advised to cease using the specific certification designation after their names. The names of non‐renewing Certificants as well will be removed from the list of Certificants on ASHRAE’s website.

Non-renewing Certificants, however, may recertify during the three-month grace period from January 1 through March 31 immediately following the expiration of their certification. To do so, they must submit a completed recertification application. After March 31, the grace period will conclude, non‐renewing Certificants will no longer be able to renew their certification and the only way to regain the certification will be to reapply and pass the examination. Extenuating circumstances, however, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Certification Committee.

Acceptable Methods of Earning PDHs

Type PDHs Earned
Completion of short courses, workshops and seminars in a related field 1 PDH for each hour of documented attendance.
Attendance at meetings and conferences (e.g. National, Annual, Regional) or special conferences in a related field 1 PDH for each hour of documented attendance.
Successful completion of a course in a related field from an accredited institution of higher learning
Note: To qualify for this credit, a course must be offered regularly and must conclude with a test that sets a passing grade.
15 PDHs per credit hour (semester system) OR
10 PDHs (quarter system)
Patent in a related field
Note: PDHs can be claimed after a patent is issued and the inventor submits details to the board. The invention must be related to engineering.
10 PDHs per patent
Publication of article/paper/book in a recognized, peer reviewed journal in a related field (max. 3 per year).
Note: A “news” article in a technical or professional bulletin is not considered a published paper.
10 PDHs per published item
Active participation in a professional or technical society in a related field
Note: The certificant must serve as an officer and/or must actively participate in a committee of the organization. PDHs are earned at the end of each year of service.
2 PDHs per year per organization
Write ASHRAE certification exam items in a related field 5 PDHs per 10 acceptable exam questions, annually
Pass ASHRAE certification exam (E.g. CPMP should pass CPMP exam) 45 PDHs
Accreditation Visit Evaluator 3 PDHs, annually
Professional awards 2 PDHs per award
Teach courses and workshops in a related field. Faculty performing regular duties may earn PDHs. 2 PDHs per hour taught for the first presentation, then 1 per hour for subsequent equivalent presentations.

*Certificants are not required to submit documentation of earned PDHs as part of a certification renewal application. Renewal applicants, however, are advised to retain documentation of earned PDHs – e.g. certificates of participation, articles and transcripts – as a percentage of Certificants are randomly chosen for audit each year.

Activities that qualify as acceptable PDHs for ASHRAE recertification purposes might also qualify for continuing education credits (e.g., PDHs, CEUs, or LUs) from other credentialing bodies or organizations. Individuals are responsible for contacting the relevant governing body to determine whether an activity qualifies for that body’s continuing education credit.

For questions about ASHRAE certification renewal requirements, including clarification of acceptable and reportable qualifying activities, please contact ASHRAE’s Certification team at certification@ASHRAE.org.