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Psychrometric Chart App
Psychrometric Analysis CD, Version 7
Understanding Psychrometrics, 3rd ed.
Psychrometric Charts

ASHRAE Psychrometric Chart App

Now Available for Apple/iOS devices psychrometricapp_175px.jpg

The new ASHRAE Psychrometric Chart app is the first truly interactive graphical psychrometric chart for your iOS device, and it includes both I-P and SI units.

Easily plot HVAC and other psychrometric processes while out in the field, save the graphs, and then email the graph and results to yourself or clients.

<-- Watch this video to see the app in action

The ASHRAE Psych Chart app includes the following features and functionality:

  • Display a fully customizable psychrometric chart in both landscape and portrait modes.
  • Customize the graph in many different ways, including specifying the psychrometric chart line colors, chart background color, hide/display status of chart lines, point colors, process line colors, units of graph values, and the min/max limits of the chart.
  • Using your finger, plot as many points as you want on the screen. As you move your finger around the graph, the psychrometric properties at the top of the screen dynamically update. In addition, you can double-tap a point to display the point properties and then edit them.
  • Create psychrometric processes by plotting points then connecting them with process lines. Also, create custom labels anywhere on the chart.
  • Email a list of all the points and their properties for a completed chart, along with a PDF of the chart itself.
  • Create an unlimited number of psychrometric chart projects. Also, you can create templates that you can reuse over and over again.
  • Zoom in or out of the chart by "pinching" the iPad screen to view items in detail.

To download, iPhone/iPad users should visit the App Store and search for "ASHRAE App". Android app no longer available.

Individuals may also click on the following links using their mobile device:


Psychrometric Analysis CD, Version 7

This CD includes all five of ASHRAE's I-P unit psychrometric charts and all seven SI psychrometric charts. The program on the CD allows the user to plot typical psychrometric processes and perform the corresponding energy calculations on-screen, without having to first print out the individual charts.

The program can output a listing of points and processes in a tabular report with calculated properties and energy values for each. It also includes a presentation of the ASHRAE climatic data from the 2009 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals.


Understanding Psychrometrics, 3rd ed.

Understanding Psychrometrics serves as a lifetime reference manual and basic refresher course for those who use psychrometrics on a recurring basis and provides a four- to six-hour psychrometrics learning module to students; air-conditioning designers; agricultural, food process, and industrial process engineers; meteorologists and others.

New in the Third Edition: understanding psycrhrometrics.jpg

  • Revised chapters for wet-bulb temperature and relative humidity and a revised Appendix V that includes a summary of ASHRAE Research Project RP-1485.
  • New constants for the universal gas constant based on CODATA and a revised molar mass of dry air to account for the increase of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere.
  • New IAPWS models for the calculation of water properties above and below freezing.
  • New tables based on the ASHRAE RP-1485 real moist-air numerical model using the ASHRAE LibHuAirProp add-ins for Excel®, MATLAB®, Mathcad®, and EES®.


Psychrometric Charts

psychcharts_125px.jpg50-Sheet Pads and Laminated Charts

ASHRAE has a full line of psychrometric charts in 50-sheet pads, laminated charts, and charts for different altitudes and temperatures in both I-P and SI units. Learn more

Also Available:

Load Calculation Applications Manual, 2nd ed.

This second edition, available in both I-P and SI units, provides clear understanding of the state of the art in heating and cooling load calculation methods. Learn more