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ASHRAE Board of Directors

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Slate of Nominees

Slate of Nominees for 2020-2021 Officers and Directors

Through an elaborate committee structure, including committees and councils, ASHRAE policies are established by a Board of Directors comprised of Society members elected by the membership. Board members serve terms of one to three years, including the President who serves a one‐year term.

The ASHRAE Board of Directors includes the Executive Committee, the Directors and Regional Chairs, and the Directors-at-Large.

Below you'll find the current Board of Directors as well as access to the Board of Directors Minutes and Principal Motions.

2019-20 ASHRAE Board of Directors
  • Executive Committee


    Darryl K. Boyce, P.Eng., ASHRAE President, 2019-2020

    Darryl K. Boyce, P. Eng., Fellow, Life Member ASHRAE
    Carleton University
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada




    Charles E. Gulledge, III ASHRAE President-Elect, 2019-2020

    Charles E. Gulledge III, P.E., HBDP, LEED AP
    Environmental Air Systems
    Greensboro, North Carolina




    Michael CA Schwedler, ASHRAE Tresurer, 2019-2020

    Michael CA Schwedler, P.E., LEED AP
    Trane Corporation 
    La Crosse, Wisconsin



    Vice President

    K. William Dean, P.Eng, ASHRAE Vice President, 2019-2020

    K. William Dean, P.Eng.
    National Research Council of Canada
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada



    Vice President

    Dennis Knight, ASHRAE Vice President, 2019-2020

    Malcolm Dennis Knight, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, BEMP
    Whole Building Systems
    Mount Pleasant, South Carolina



    Vice President

    William F. McQuade, LEED AP, PE, ASHRAE Vice President, 2019-2020

    William F. McQuade, P.E., LEED AP
    New Cumberland, Pennsylvania



    Vice President

    Farooq Mehboob, ASHRAE Vice President, 2019-2020

    Farooq Mehboob, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member
    S. Mehboob and Co., Consulting Engineers
    Karachi, Pakistan




    Jeff Littleton, Secretary

    Jeff  H. Littleton
    Atlanta, Georgia

  • Directors and Regional Chairs

    Region I Director and Regional Chair


    Christopher G. Phelan
    Clifton, New Jersey



    Region II Director and Regional Chair

    Jeff Clarke, P.E.

    Jeff Clarke, P.E.
    Enviroair Industries, Inc.
    Mont-Royal, Quebec, Canada



    Region III Director and Regional Chair


    Dunstan Laurence Macauley, III, P.E., LEED AP, HBDP
    Arlington, Virginia



    Region IV Director and Regional Chair

    Steven Marek, Region IV Director and Regional Chair

    Steven Marek, P.E.
    Hanahan, South Carolilna



    Region V Director and Regional Chair

    Douglas Zentz, Region V Director and Regional Chair

    Douglas Zentz
    Ferris State University
    Big Rapids, Michigan



    Region VI Director and Regional Chair

    Richard Hermans, P.E., Region VI Director and Regional Chair

    Richard Hermans, P.E.
    Lino Lakes, Minnesota



    Region VII Director and Regional Chair

    Michael Cooper

    Michael P. Cooper, P.E.
    Bernhard MCC
    Kenner, Louisiana



    Region VIII Director and Regional Chair

    Jonathan Symko

    Jonathan I. Symko
    QSC Consultants Inc.
    Sugar Land, Texas



    Region IX Director and Regional Chair

    Trent Hunt

    Trenton S. Hunt
    Mechnical Products Intermountain, LLC
    Midvale, Utah



    Region X Director and Regional Chair

    Marites Calad

    Marites Dagulo Calad
    Norman S Wright
    Waipahu, Hawaii



    Region XI Director and Regional Chair


    Russell J. Lavitt, P.Eng.
    Stantec Consulting Ltd.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


    Region XII Director and Regional Chair

    Robin Bryant, Region XII Director and Regional Chair

    Robin Bryant
    B&I Contractors, Inc.
    Fort Myers, Florida



    Region XIII Director and Regional Chair

    Apichit Lumlertpongpana, Region XIII Director and Regional Chair

    Region XIII Director and Regional Chair
    Apichit Lumlertpongpana
    I.T.C. Company, Ltd.
    Bangkok, Thailand



    Region XIV Director and Regional Chair

    Costas Balaras

    Constantinos A Balaras, Ph.D., P.Eng.
    Vrilisia, Greece



    Region-At-Large Director and Regional Chair


    Ahmed Alaa Eldin Mohamed, Ph.D., P.Eng.
    Middle East Gate Holding (MEG)
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Directors-at-Large
    Van Baxter

    Van D. Baxter, P.E.
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Oak Ridge, Tennessee

    Donald Brandt

    Donald L. Brandt
    Phoenix, Arizona

    Kelley P. Cramm, PE, Director-at-Large

    Kelley P. Cramm, PE
    Henderson Engineers
    Lenexa, Kansas


    Katherine G. Hammack
    Ernst & Young
    Alexandria, Virginia

    Jaap Hogeling, PEng, MSc, ME, Director-at-Large

    Jaap Hogeling, P.Eng., MSc, ME
    Voorstraat 64
    Leiden, Netherlands


    Sarah E. Maston, P.E., CPMP
    Green Footprints Commissioning, Inc.
    Hudson, Massachusetts

    Tim McGinn

    Tim J. McGinn, P.E.
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Ashish Rakheja, Director-at-Large

    Ashish Rakheja
    Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


    Chandra Sekhar, Ph.D.
    National University of Singapore


Board of Directors Minutes

Board of Directors Minutes for the past three years are available below.  


Principal Motions

Board of Directors Principal Motions for the past four years are available below.


If you wish to access earlier copies of the minutes or principal motions, please contact Candace DeVaughn, Manager of Board Services, at cdevaughn@ashrae.org for assistance.