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Student Activities Resources

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  • Application

     Student Membership Application

    Download Student Membership Applications or Student SmartStart Transfer Forms from our Applications section.
    Student Member Applications are avaialble in various languages.  


  • Accredited Engineering Programs
  • WISE Program

    Washington Internship for Students of Engineering

    Founded in 1980 through the collaborative efforts of several professional engineering societies, WISE has become one of the premier Washington internship programs.  Its goal is to groom future leaders of the engineering profession who are aware of and can contribute to the important intersections of technology and public policy.

    WISE stands for Washington Internship for Students of Engineering.  ASHRAE has been a sponsor of the WISE program for three decades.


  • Desk Copies

    The expertise of its worldwide membership and the results of society-funded research give ASHRAE publications a depth and breadth unmatched by commercial publishers. Your students will appreciate the depth of information and low prices of these texts.


  • Posters
  • Brochures

    Free Student Brochures

    These brochures are free to download and use to promote ASHRAE Student Membership. Printed copies can be obtained by filling out request form. 


    Launch your Future

    20090225_studentbrochure.gifProvides a description of all resources available for ASHRAE student members. This is a great brochure for recruiting new members at existing student branches or for the formation of a new student branch.

    This brochure also provides a description of careers in the HVACR industry from research to consulting engineering. Also available are the profiles of several members whose ASHRAE involvement has advanced their career.


    SmartStart Program Brochure

    Download Student Membership Applications or Student SmartStart Transfer Forms from our Applications section.
    Avaialble in various languages.  


    Draw A Picture of Your Home

    Draw-A-Picture-of-Your-Home-1.gifThis one-page coloring sheet should be used to illustrate to children the basic concepts of the HVAC & R industry.
    This sheet should be used in conjunction with a talk or related experiment to students in grade Kindergarten - Grade 5.


    Networking Tips

    Networking-bookmark-100x267.jpgNetworking tips and resources


    There is No Planet B!

    This multi-page, full color brochure is a fun fact- filled resource for middle school - aged children. This introduces the basic principles of HVAC & R Engineering as it pertains to their environment around them; schools, buildings, hospitals, etc. This is designed for students in grades 6 -8. This is designed to accompany a classroom presentation or experiment.


    Engineer Your Path

    This multi-page, full color brochure design for high schools students contains detailed information about the HVAC & R Engineering industry. They can find out about what high school courses to take to prepare, recommend college, career information and much more. This is design for students in grades 9 -12. This brochure should accompany a classroom presentation or experiment.


HVAC&R at the Aquarium

This video follows three students and one HVAC&R engineer as they make their way through the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, learning about the importance of Thermal Comfort and HVAC Building Systems for both animals and people. This video is presented as part of the ASHRAE K–12 Student Activities program.