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ASHRAE Textbooks

Resources for Educators

The expertise of its worldwide membership and the results of society-funded research give ASHRAE publications a depth and breadth unmatched by commercial publishers. Your students will appreciate the depth of information and low prices of these texts.



Adopt one of these authoritative and timely books for your course:

Principles of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, Ninth Edition

Principles of HVAC

Principles of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, Ninth Edition, is a textbook based on content from all four volumes of the ASHRAE Handbook, pulling heavily from the 2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals. It contains the most current ASHRAE procedures and definitive yet easy-to-understand treatment of building HVAC systems, from basic principles through design and operation.

University bookstores wishing to purchase copies in bulk should contact Customer Service at or by calling 404-636-8400 (or toll-free via 800-527-4723). Bookstore purchase must be prepaid; the books cannot be ordered on consignment.

A paperback Solutions Manual with worked solutions to the problems at the end of each chapter is also available to instructors. To purchase the Solutions Manual, please email a request on university letterhead to or fax the same to 678-539-2152.

Dual units; 8.5 x 11 in.; 492 pp; 2021
Product Code: 90572
ISBNs: 978-1-947192-69-0 (hardback); 978-1-947192-70-6 (PDF)


HVAC Fast Facts (I-P)

  HVAC Fast Facts (I-P)  

This laminated sheet serves as a quick reference for commonly used HVAC acronyms, terminology, equations, and other essential information for designers, manufacturers, and engineers.

It includes the following information in I-P units:

  • Common HVAC acronyms
  • Design and construction terminology definitions
  • Equations for psychrometrics, mixed air temperatures, air changes per hour, equipment efficiencies, envelopes, and cooling towers
  • Fan and pump affinity laws
  • Common conversion factors

This quick reference guide is perfect for:

  • New engineers learning the equations and formulas used in everyday engineering tasks
  • Experienced engineers who appreciate the efficiency of having regularly used formulas on hand
  • Those seeking a companion quick-reference in coordination with the ASHRAE Handbook

I-P Units; Laminated; 8.5 x 11; 4 pp; 2021
Product Code: 40306
ISBN: 978-1-947192-63-8


High-Performance Buildings Simplified 2nd Edition

     Buildings Simplified
2nd Edition  

Explore the intricacies of high-performance building design with the newly updated edition of High-Performance Buildings Simplified. Designed for both engineering students and early career professionals, this comprehensive book offers a clear, accessible approach to the fundamental principles of sustainable building practices.

Building upon its predecessor, this second edition focuses on key areas crucial to contemporary sustainable design:

  • Water efficiency and utilization
  • Energy conversion and use
  • Energy sources and generation
  • Sustainable sites
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Energy informatics, smart buildings, and smart grid integration

Structured as a textbook for college-level courses yet equally valuable as a reference for professionals, this edition provides essential updates and additional materials reflecting the evolving landscape of high-performance buildings. Updated data and insights ensure individuals remain informed about the latest industry trends and practices.

Dual Units; Soft cover; 8.5 x 11; 271 pp; 2019
Product Code: 90467
ISBN: 978-1-947192-33-1 (hardback); , 978-1-947192-32-4 (PDF)


Fundamentals of HVAC Control Systems

Fundamentals of
HVAC Control Systems

This book provides a thorough introduction and a practical guide to the principles and characteristics of HVAC controls. It describes how to use, select, specify and design control systems.

It is an excellent tool for building owners and operators, mechanical engineers, mechanical contractors, and facility engineers who wish to develop in-depth knowledge of HVAC Control Systems and improve their understanding and skills.

I-P and SI Units; Hard cover; 6x9; 348 pp; 2011
Product Code: 90551 (I-P); 90552 (SI)
ISBN: 978-1-93-374292-2 (I-P) 978-0-08-055234-7 (SI)


Air-Conditioning System Design Manual, 3rd ed.

System Design Manual,
3rd ed.

Offering real-world applications in addition to theoretical calculations and analytical procedures, Air-Conditioning System Design Manual, Third Edition, bridges the gap between theory and practice in the design of HVAC&R systems. It has been completely revised and updated to reflect current industry best practices.

Dual Units; Hard cover; 6 x 9; 314 pp; 2007
Product Code: 90340
ISBN: 978-1-947192-36-2 (hardback); 978-1-94719-37-9 (PDF)


HVAC Simplified

HVAC Simplified

This text provides an understanding of fundamental HVAC concepts and extends these principles to the explanation of simple design tools used to create building systems that are efficient and provide comfortable and healthy environments.  Includes a CD-ROM with spreadsheet tools. 

A Solutions Manual is available to instructors. To purchase the Solutions Manual, please send your request on university letterhead to or fax the same to  678-539-2152. 

I-P Units; Soft cover (with CD); 8 ½ x 11; 236 pp; 2006
Product Code: 90439
ISBN: 978-1-931862-97-4


2024 ASHRAE Handbook–HVAC Systems & Equipment

Handbook–HVAC Systems
& Equipment

The 2024 ASHRAE Handbook -- HVAC Systems and Equipment discusses various systems and the equipment (components or assemblies) that comprise them and describes features and differences. This information helps system designers and operators in selecting and using equipment. Major sections discuss air-conditioning and heating systems; equipment and components for air handling, heating, cooling, and general application; packaged, unitary, and split-system equipment; and general systems.

I-P or SI Units; 1032 pp; 2024
Product Code: 81240 (I-P); 81241 (SI)


2023 ASHRAE Handbook–HVAC Applications


The 2023 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications comprises more than 65 chapters covering a broad range of facilities and topics, written to help engineers design and use equipment and systems described in other Handbook volumes. Main sections cover comfort, industrial, energy related, general applications, and building operations and management. ASHRAE Technical Committees in each subject area have reviewed all chapters and revised them as needed for current technology and design practice. This volume has been extensively revised, and boasts two new chapters on facilities for emergency medicine and firefighters, and on in-room air cleaners.

Published: 2023
Units of Measure: I-P
Product Code(s): 81230


2022 ASHRAE Handbook–Refrigeration


The 2022 ASHRAE Handbook—Refrigeration covers the refrigeration equipment and systems for applications other than human comfort. This volume includes data and guidance on cooling, freezing, and storing food; industrial and medical applications of refrigeration; and low-temperature refrigeration.

Published: 2022
ISBN(s): 9781955516082 (SI); 9781955516075 (I-P)
Number of Pages: 810
Units of Measure: SI & I-P
Product Code(s): 81221 (SI); 81220 (I-P)


2021 ASHRAE Handbook–Fundamentals


This volume covers basic principles and data used in the HVAC&R industry. Its more than 1,000 pages cover basic principles such as thermodynamics, psychrometrics, and heat transfer, and provide practical guidance on building envelope, indoor environmental quality, load calculations, duct and piping system design, refrigerants, energy resources, sustainability, a new chapter on climate change, and more. Climate data for over 9000 weather stations worldwide are provided as a separate download (approximately 700 MBzip file).

I-P or SI Units; 1024 pp; 2021
Product Code: 81210 (I-P); 81211 (SI)
ISBN: 978-1-947192-89-8 (I-P); 978-1-947192-90-4 (SI)


ASHRAE GreenGuide

ASHRAE GreenGuide

Using an integrated, building systems perspective, this design guide gives you the need-to-know information on what to do, where to turn, what to suggest, and how to interact with other members of the design team in a productive way. Information is provided on each stage of the building process, from planning to operation and maintenance of a facility, with emphasis on teamwork and close coordination among interested parties.

Dual units: Paperback; 6x9 in; 492 pp; 2022; ASHRAE
Product Code: D-90335, 90335
ISBN:  978-1-955516-05-1 (paperback), 978-1-947192-72-0 (PDF)


Load Calculation Applications Manual, 2nd Ed.

Load Calculation
Applications Manual

This edition is an in-depth, applications-oriented reference that provides clear understanding of the state of the art in heating and cooling load calculation methods, plus the tools and resources needed to implement them in practice. This book includes access to spreadsheets for computing cooling loads with the radiant time series method (RTSM) and calculating the solar irradiation, conduction time factor series, and radiant time factors used in the method. The spreadsheets can be adapted to compute cooling loads for a wide range of buildings.

I-P or SI Units; Hard cover; 8 ½ x 11 in; 360 pp; 2015; ASHRAE
Product Code: 90662 (I-P); 90664 (SI)
ISBN: 978-1-936504-75-6 (I-P); 978-1-936504-76-3 (SI)


Group Learning Packages

Well-designed course material doesn't have to cost a fortune. These group learning packages include texts, examination questions, and answer sheets for instructors. PowerPoint presentations may also be included. Visit Group Learning Packages for pricing and purchasing.

Fundamentals of Air System Design

Fundamentals of
Air System Design

Learn the basics of air movement, the components of air distribution systems, considerations of human comfort, load and occupancy demand, duct system design, sound and vibration, and how codes and standards affect the design of air systems.

I-P (2008) or SI (2011) Units; Soft cover; 8 ½ x 11 in; 374 pp I-P or 382 pp SI; ASHRAE
Product Code: 98036 (I-P); 98038 (SI)
ISBN: 978-1-933742-45-8 (I-P); 978-1-933742-87-8 (SI)


Fundamentals of Building Operation, Maintenance, and Management

Fundamentals of
Building Operation,
and Management

Addresses current issues related to the operation, maintenance, and management of buildings. This dual-unit (I-P/SI) course provides an indispensable introduction to these topics and an invaluable instructional resource for both experienced building professionals and individuals entering into the field.

I-P / SI Units; Soft cover; 8 ½ x 11 in; 318 pp; 2011; ASHRAE
Product Code: 98021 (I-P and SI)
ISBN: 978-1-9337429-08


Fundamentals of Heating and Cooling Loads

Fundamentals of
Heating and
Cooling Loads

Develop an understanding of heat transfer as it applies to buildings and various factors that must be considered when calculating the heating and cooling loads of a building.

I-P Units; Soft cover; 8 ½ x 11 in; 314 pp; 2000; ASHRAE
Product Code: 98045 (I-P)
ISBN: 978-1-9318623-01


Fundamentals of Heating Systems

Fundamentals of
Heating Systems

Learn the various types of heating systems available for commercial and residential buildings and the three basic components of every heating system: the fuel source, the energy conversion plant, and the energy distribution system.

I-P Units; Soft cover; 8 ½ x 11 in; 452 pp; 2018; ASHRAE
Product Code: 98018 (I-P)
ISBN: 978-1-939200-34-1


Fundamentals of Refrigeration, I-P

of Refrigeration, SI

Learn the process of refrigeration and how refrigeration systems operate, as well as the types of refrigeration systems.

I-P (2010) or SI (2016) Units; Soft cover; 8 ½ x 11 in; 490 pp I-P or 484 pp SI; ASHRAE
Product Code: 98044 (I-P); 98046 (SI)
ISBN: 978-1-933742-71-7 (I-P); 978-1-939200-14-3 (SI)


Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

of Thermodynamics

Learn the basic concepts of thermodynamics. Topics include properties of a system, processes and cycle, Ideal Gas Law, the laws of thermodynamics, refrigeration cycles and thermochemistry.

I-P or SI Units; Soft cover; 8 ½ x 11 in; 254 pp; 2004; ASHRAE
Product Code: 98031 (I-P); 98034 (SI)
ISBN: 1-91862575 (I-P); 978-1-931862-84-4 (SI)


Fundamentals of Water System Design

of Water System Design

Learn the basic concepts of hydronic system operation and design including piping systems, pipe materials and fittings, centrifugal pumps, terminal units, expansion tank, and water chillers.

I-P (2015) or SI (1998) Units; Soft cover; 8 ½ x 11 in; 348 pp I-P; 282 pp SI; ASHRAE
Product Code: 98020 (I-P); 98035 (SI)
ISBN: 978-1-936504-66-4 (paperback), ISBN 978-1-939200-04-4 (PDF) (I-P)