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Publishing and Education Council

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Publishing and Education Council

Publishing and Education Council — This council shall act on behalf of the Board of Directors within limits of fiscal and functional authority granted to it by the Board of Directors, implement Society policy, and administer activities of the committees within its organizational structure. This council implements BOD policy and administers the activities of the assigned committees. The assigned committees are as follows: Certification, Handbook, Historical, Professional Development, Publications.


pdf_icon.png 2022 Las Vegas Winter Conference Minutes, February 1, 2022

pdf_icon.png 2021 Virtual Annual Conference Minutes, February 2, 2021

pdf_icon.png 2020 Virtual Conference Minutes, June 25, 2020

pdf_icon.png 2020 Orlando Winter Conference Minutes, February 4, 2020

pdf_icon.png 2019 Kansas City Annual Conference Minutes, June 25, 2019

pdf_icon.png 2019 Spring Teleconference Minutes, April 18, 2019

pdf_icon.png 2019 Atlanta Winter Conference Minutes, January 15, 2019

pdf_icon.png 2018 Fall Teleconference Minutes, October 11, 2018

pdf_icon.png 2018 Houston Annual Conference Minutes, June 26, 2018

pdf_icon.png 2018 Chicago Winter Conference Minutes, January 26, 2018

pdf_icon.png 2017 Fall Teleconference Minutes, October 24, 2017

pdf_icon.png 2017 Long Beach Annual Conference Minutes, June 27, 2017

pdf_icon.png 2017 Las Vegas Winter Conference Minutes, January 31, 2017

Policies and Procedures

pdf_icon.png Publishing and Education Council Manual of Procedures (July 1, 2020)