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Diversity Equity and Inclusion In ASHRAE

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    Monday, June 26, 2023 at 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM.

    Title: DEI Within Your Organization: Implementing a DEI Plan (Even When You Don't Have Buy-In from Key Stakeholders)

    Abstract: Over the past several years, organizations (including ASHRAE) have implemented DEI initiatives in an effort to increase awareness and promote policy change around diversity, equity and inclusion. What are the biggest challenges of implementing these policies? How do you gain consensus if some of your key leaders feel that such initiatives are unwarranted, discriminatory or politically-motivated? How do you effect meaningful change to improve employee/member engagement? This session will feature panelists who have faced and overcome these and other challenges to implement DEI initiatives at the corporate, institutional and grassroots levels.

  • Accomplishments

    • Collaborate with industry partners (CIBSE, INWIC, NIBS)
    • Hired a DEI Consultant Firm – Fundamental Advisory LLC, Mindy Gulati. 
    • Created a DEI training webpage for members that highlight five videos. We encourage the Chapters to use these videos for presentation at their regional meetings. “DEI Foundations”, “Understanding Implicit Bias & Unconscious Bias”, “Micro Aggressions”, “Cultural Competency” and “Equity versus Equality”
    • Coordinated DEI training for the ASHRAE Board, ASHRAE Directors, Managers and Staff
    • Facilitate forums and panel sessions at the Winter and Annual Conferences
    • Engage Council and standing committee leadership in ASHRAE DEI initiatives
    • Developed a Manual of Procedures and Reference Manual for the committee
    • Publish and regularly showcase the work of inspirational HVAC&R engineers from under-represented groups.

  • DEI
    ASHRAE Insights

    It is important for ASHRAE and its members to reflect on the role of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in engineering. We are seeking authors to write an article that explores the intersection of DEI and engineering. We welcome submissions from engineers, researchers, educators and other professionals. Your article will be featured in an edition of ASHRAE Insights.

    We are looking for authors who can write topics relating to DEI:

    Call for Authors

  • Member

    New! View available DEI Trainings here.

    Suggested Readings:

    • Blind Spot: Hidden Biases of Good People – Mahzarin R.R. Banaji and Anthony Greenwald
    • Thinking Fast Slow - Daniel Kahneman
    • The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation – Timothy R. Clark
    • The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together - Heather McGhee
    • So You Want to Talk About Race – Ijeoma Oluo
    • Inclusive Conversations – Mary-Frances Winters
    • The 5 Disciplines of Inclusive Leaders – Andres T. Tapia & Alina Polonskaia
    • How to Manage Conflicts: 7 Easy Steps to Master Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, Mediation & Difficult Conversations – Amy Gallo
    • Radical Candor – Kim Scott
    • Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think and Do – Jennifer Eberhardt
    • What Works: Gender Equality by Design – Iris Bohnet
    • Disability Visibility: First Person Stories from the 21st Century – Alice Wong
    • Men Explain Things to Me – Rebecca Solnit

    Suggested Podcasts: 

    Suggested Assessments: 

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Members of the ASHRAE Board of Directors Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Subcommittee:

  • Adrienne Thomle, Chair
  • Kishor Khankari, Vice Chair
  • Devin Abellon
  • Susanna Hanson
  • Wei Sun
  • Ashish Rakheja
  • Billy Austin
  • Dennis Knight
  • Tanisha Meyers-Lisle, Staff Liaison

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