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Buildings XV Conference

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Buildings XV Conference
December 5-8, 2022

Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Clearwater Beach, FL

Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings


The Buildings XV Conference brings together product manufacturers, research organizations, academia, builders, designers, architects and consultants to discuss their work achievements, interest and awareness of buildings issues, and to provide solutions and insight into some of our major building envelope problems. 

The conference is organized by ASHRAE along with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

“This conference draws heavily on the advanced technical knowledge of our global experts and takes place every three years, allowing time to develop new research and technology applications and to document findings,” says André Desjarlais, conference chair.
  • Full Paper Submission

    The conference includes tracks focused on Principles (research and development), Practices (practical applications and case studies) and Residential (single and multifamily buildings).

    The Buildings XV Steering Committee is now accepting full paper submissions for the 2022 Conference. Authors with accepted abstracts have received communication on how to submit final papers.

    Conference topics include:

    • Advanced building construction practices
    • Air barriers and air leakage
    • Basements/below-grade construction
    • Building acoustics
    • Building envelope commissioning
    • Building envelope integrated technologies
    • Building/grid interaction
    • Building envelope retrofit
    • Building sustainability, passive survivability, and resilience
    • Cost performance optimization
    • Design tools
    • Dynamic and high-R windows
    • Energy storage including thermal mass and phase change materials
    • Fenestration and window attachments
    • Heat and moisture transfer in materials and assemblies
    • Heritage/historic buildings
    • HVAC-envelope integration
    • Innovative materials and systems
    • Insulation
    • Low energy buildings
    • Mass timber construction
    • Modular construction
    • Moisture management, durability, and service life
    • Monitoring, modeling, and simulation
    • Offsite manufacturing
    • Roofs, attics, and walls
    • Standards, codes, guidelines, and test procedure development
    • Weatherization
    • Whole building performance

    Residential Track (Includes Single & MultiFamily Buildings):

    • Indoor environmental quality
      • Air cleaning
      • Daylighting
      • Emissions from building materials
      • Kitchen Exhaust
      • Overheating
      • Ventilation
      • Visual and thermal comfort
    • Sustainability certification programs
    • Smart buildings
    • Urban heat islands an urban physics

    Authors of accepted abstracts will prepare their papers using a MS Word paper template. The template provides guidance on writing and formatting the paper. Once the paper has been written and formatted, authors will upload a PDF of the paper for review. The papers will undergo a double-blind review. Final paper submissions are due April 1, 2022.

    Submit your Full Paper

    Paper Template

     Upcoming Deadlines:

    April 1, 2022: Papers of accepted abstracts due


    The Buildings XIII Conference was held at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater, FL, December 9-12, 2019. The conference hotel offers an excellent combination of meeting and beach/recreation facilities.

    The hotel is located about 21 miles west of Tampa International Airport. Current negotiated room rate- $170 per night.


    • Andre Desjarlais, Chair
    • Theresa Weston, Vice Chair
    • Principles Track Co-Chairs: Simon Pallin and Fitsum Tariku
    • Practices Track Co-Chairs: Stanley Gatland and Diana Fisler
    • Workshop Track Co-Chairs: Brian Stroik and Laverne Dalgleish

    Members at Large: Bjarne Olesen, Stacey Rothgeb, Carsten Rode, Wahid Maref, Targo Kalamees, Samuel Glass, Michael Blanford, Sven Mumme and Marianna Vallejo