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2024 ASHRAE Decarbonization Conference: Decarbonizing Existing Tall Buildings

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2024 ASHRAE Decarbonization Conference: Decarbonizing Existing Tall Buildings

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The 2024 ASHRAE Decarbonization Conference will be an information and idea exchange between stakeholders in the built environment industry concerning the timely and important topic of reducing carbon emissions from existing buildings in cold climates. The focus for the conference will be replicable decarbonization technical solutions for existing large and tall buildings, where the density of construction makes this sector one of the most difficult to decarbonize. The conference will highlight substantial global activities and research driving decarbonization demonstrations, and technical and financial case studies for large building solutions.

Call for Case Study Abstracts

Conference organizers seek a limited number of presentations on building deep energy and decarbonization retrofits projects. The project needs to be a tall existing building deep decarbonization retrofit project. Prioritization for selection will be based on the following criteria:
  • At least 12 stories tall,
  • Has post-retrofit measured (not calculated) whole building energy performance data with a preference for pre-retrofit measured data as well,
  • Delivered at least 30% carbon emissions or Energy Use Intensity (EUI) reduction from the starting point/base year pre-retrofit, and
  • Shifted from fossil fuel or electric resistance to heat pumps for all or a significant part of the heating load.
Abstracts (not more than 300 words) should include summary information about the decarbonization measures that delivered the biggest reductions.

Submit an Abstract     Deadline to submit is April 22, 2024

  • Sponsorship

    The conference organizers are pleased to offer several sponsorship opportunities to engage industry participation. All sponsors will have their company logo and name on the event flyer, the conference web site and recognition during the conference. A summary of the specific benefits of each sponsorship level is included. If you have questions or are interesting in being a sponsor, please contact Staci Loeffler sloeffler@ashrae.org.

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      Adam Hinge (Chair)
    Carrie Brown
    Sophie Cardona
    Cody Glavey-Weiss
    Chris Gray
    Bing Liu
    Artorius Reyes
    Benjamin Rodney
    Paul Torcellini
    Amanda Webb
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